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We are looking for passionate, creative and hardworking people to further enrich our growth and success. We encourage talent and seek people who are driven, dare to think out-of-the-box and are geared towards progress. We ensure a corporate structure and a work culture that catalyses your evolution on all fronts!

Current openings

Job Type: Application engineer / Web Developer
Experience: 1-5 Years
Department: Technology

Location: Bengaluru and Mumbai
Job Description: PHP, Mysql, Apache(LAMP Techlogies), Ajax, Javascript

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Job Type: Web/UI designer
Experience: 1-4 Years
Department: Design
Job Description: HTML, Javascript, Ajax

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Job Type: Online sales
Experience: 1-4 Years
Department: Sales

Location: Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai
Job Description:Selling online Ads, and Sponsorships

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Job Type: Content - Editorial
Experience: 1-4 Years
Department: Editorial
Job Description:Requires a blend of skill at writing, domain expertise in technology and/or business writing

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Job Type: Content - Producer
Experience: 2-5 Years
Department: Editorial
Job Description:Analysing concepts and production of entertainment stories

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Entertainment enthusiasts can now continue getting their entertainment fix even when you’re not online, with Twilight Entertainment’s Mobile-enability which ensures that you stay constantly connected with and updated about your entertainment interests, information and preferences. We endeavour to make our presence in the cellular phone arena as solid as our online prowess – that of being the ultimate entertainment-related online destination.
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