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Twilight Entertainment is a leading digital entertainment destination dedicated to delivering the ultimate online experience to entertainment enthusiasts worldwide, in terms of high definition technologies and premium quality content.

Ever since our inception in 2010, Twilight Entertainment is being increasingly reckoned as a leading provider of high quality digital entertainment presenting the latest, up-to-the-minute entertainment news; exclusive, inside information comprising original features, live event coverage and comprehensive archives, making us an unparalleled resource for quality-entertainment related features.

Three main pillars hold aloft our commitment to champion the best user experience in the online space include – First, our usage and constant upgradation of the state-of-the-art technologies to ensure your ease-of-use / interactivity-advantage as well as time utility; Second, our uncompromising policy towards the practice of high definition images and videos as well as innovation-in-design to ensure visual-magic; and Third, rendering strictly A-class, trendy and fresh, quality and quantity content to keep you informed and updated about all you wish to know.

Twilight Entertainment plans to operates a number of high-end digital entertainment portals representing the primary verticals within the entertainment domain, with FRIDAYMOVIEZ.COM as our debut venture, launched on Friday, the 3rd of September, 2010.

FRIDAYMOVIEZ.COM is a chic movie portal bringing you the best of Bollywood and Hollywood in terms of the up-to-the-minute news, movie reviews and trailers, celebrity images, videos and profiles, exclusive inside information comprising original features, live event coverage, red carpet events, comprehensive archives and more. Positioned to be the unparalleled resource for quality movie infotainment, FRIDAYMOVIEZ.COM delivers the ultimate user experience for all movie enthusiasts worldwide with its cutting edge technology, high definition videos and images and our ‘paparazzi non-compliant’ content which ensures that the news and information we provide is real, relevant and engaging, without being uncouth or offensive.

Going a step ahead, Twilight Entertainment plans to extend its reach on a mobile platform to ensure that you continue getting your entertainment fix even when you’re not online, and stay constantly connected with and updated about your entertainment interests, information and preferences.  

Our mission, our philosophy is simple – we are a group of professionals, passionate about the business of entertainment, committed to delivering the highest quality online entertainment experience to our patrons by merging the best of technology and content in the form of high definition images, news, videos and interesting, trendy and relevant text – rendering our product fun, in vogue, informative, highly user-friendly and technologically aided to save your time.

We strive to grow and extend our offerings quantitatively and qualitatively. We seek passionate and talented people to enrich our organization, maintaining a high level of integrity between employees, partners and clients.


Entertainment enthusiasts can now continue getting their entertainment fix even when you’re not online, with Twilight Entertainment’s Mobile-enability which ensures that you stay constantly connected with and updated about your entertainment interests, information and preferences. We endeavour to make our presence in the cellular phone arena as solid as our online prowess – that of being the ultimate entertainment-related online destination.
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